Prim Goods – Benefits the Community

Author: Randy Asbury, President of the Board

support community

Prim Goods products are a critical component of life-transformation at the Primrose Hill Teen Challenge. Not only do they provide much needed financial resources for this life-changing ministry, they also provide opportunities for students to reestablish work ethics, learn organizational skills and develop their leadership and character traits through interaction with one another and the products’ consumers.

The Prim Goods products are community builders because they are people builders. Very seldom do ministries work toward some degree of financial self-sufficiency as is the case with Primrose Hill. In so doing, the micro-business complements the ministry as the ministry builds the business and the business builds the ministry with both seeking to positively influence lives along the way.

Most students arrive at Primrose Hill having lost trust with family and employers. Many have lost a great degree of the skills needed to maintain active and productive employment. During the 12-month period that students seek freedom from drug and alcohol addiction through a relationship with Jesus Christ, they are also exposed to business concepts and principles which can be the basis for a new start in a job or business subsequent to graduation. The complementary aspect of Primrose Hill and Prim Goods allows for a more holistic approach to recovery and healing.


My wife loves the Prim Goods soap products. She is especially fond of the Sweet Dreams and Honey Bunch lines. Most importantly, we love to see the student’s signatures on the soap bars. Their signature reveals their active role in seeking Christ-centered help for themselves. As a result, the community to which they return will be strengthened as well.