Changing The Future

Author: Cindy Minchew, Board Member


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I am personally aware of the struggles that come from drug and alcohol abuse especially for women with children. I grew up in a home with four girls and one boy , with my oldest sister introducing me to drugs and alcohol at the age of 13.  We were fortunate enough when I was 15 to be invited to a 12 step drug abuse program in Houston, Texas where after a year I was able to stay sober. Once sober, I was convinced that my addictive behavior to chemical abuse would always be a stumbling block for me and I committed my way of life to Sobriety.

While counseling other addicts the way of sobriety, I met my husband who also had committed his life to sobriety. At the age of 30 I committed my life to Christ and renewed my commitment to stay sober.

I have since over the years watched my older sister struggle with chemical abuse and the effects of that abuse on her spiritual, emotional and physical health.  I’ve also watched how it has affected her three children, her ex-husband and our family.

While the past cannot be changed the future can, Primrose Hill is a safe place for women and their children for an extended time period. The excellence of Prim Goods is a bonus and is a way the ladies can help support the home. I purchased a bag full of soap recently and gave the soap bars to my girls as gifts. I also use some to scent my dresser drawers.