Why I Support Prim Goods

Author: Anne Miller, Volunteer


I first became aware of Teen Challenge in the early 70’s when our family met a group of boys from Teen Challenge while on a float trip. Soon after, we saw the movie “The Cross and the Switchblade” and read David Wilkerson’s book. Recently we have had a family member successfully complete the program. These experiences stirred within me a desire to get involved and volunteer at Primrose Hill Teen Challenge.

As I get to know the women and children, I marvel at how the love of Jesus is touching their hearts and changing their lives. Their countinence has changed, they have hope in their hearts and a sparkle in their eyes. It’s like one big family – sisters and their children, along with an outstanding staff helping each other, caring, and encouraging one another.

They have developed a microenterprise called Prim Goods. Their business not only helps contribute towards the program expenses, but it gives the women a sense of purpose and accomplishment as they make their products (soaps, lotions, scrubs, and lip balm) and learn to run a business. My favorite product is the soap. It comes in several different fragrances and whoever puts the final wrapper on it makes it personal by signing their name. It makes a great gift, too!

I believe if you want to make a difference in our society you reach the family. And that’s what Primrose Hill is all about – helping the mothers become healthy, loving, and productive women who will be contributing members of their communities.

While sharing a book with Seth, an 8 year old who is at Primrose Hill with his mama and brothers and sisters, he told me “I want to learn to make smoothies so when I’m a dad I can make them for my kids.” He is already thinking of his future family!