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Krista’s addiction to drugs and alcohol had completely destroyed her relationship with her son, her family and friends. She never had a relationship with God. Hear Krista’s story story in her own words.



Amy was raised in an awesome home. She had an amazing dad, mom and family who all loved her so much. Before coming to Primrose Hill Teen Challenge she had been battling a 15 year drug and alcohol addiction. Hear Amy’s story story in her own words.



Jennifer is a mother of five and had been addicted to meth for 13 years…..”On halloween of last year instead of Trick or Treating with my kids I was in jail. Hear Jennifer’s story story in her own words.



After a drug overdose in December of 2014 Paige found herself facing the possibility of a 14 year prison sentence. An eating disorder in high school led to a 12 year drug addiction that nearly took her life. Hear Paige’s story story in her own words.



Stacie’s life would take a turn for the worse after the death of her dad. “When my dad passed away I did not know how I was going to deal with it. I did not run to God, I ran back to the drugs. Hear Stacie’’s story story in her own words.